We're launching K Founders, an investment program focused on companies less than 6 months old

Under the K Fund umbrella, we’re unveiling K Founders, an initiative to invest €100k in brave entrepreneurs that want to build the new generation of companies and digital products. We look for teams that think big and have a clear purpose. Exceptional people that we like to work with since day one. People who challenge the market and want to change the game rules.

From today onwards and for the next three years, we will invest in 20 companies that are in their early months of life and are looking for a partner willing to work with them.

In the same way as with K Fund, we will get involved in the first hirings, in the process to set up the strategy and plan, in helping to find the first product-market fit signals and in opening every door with potential customers that we can. And of course, these companies will be part of the K Fund community which collaborates very actively and generously, and who might even become your first users or clients.

Our analysis process will only take three weeks. We won’t do any due diligence apart from the market and founders checks, we’ll make the investment through a convertible note and we won’t have any control or special right in the company.

Since we also believe in building bridges with other co-investors (funds and business angels), we’ll be super happy to share deals with co-investors to reach the capital needed by the companies.

What do we expect from the teams?

  • Capacity to hire the right team
  • Capacity to set a plan and carry it out with enough flexibility to change the course of the company, if needed.
  • Capacity to build a first version of the product and prove that there are some signs of product-market fit

What happens if this is met?

At K Fund we’ve set aside a percentage of the fund to support these companies, from €200k to a maximum of €2M as if they were another follow-on investment.

What about if things go wrong?

This is part of the game, things can go wrong and we know that. If this happens, we hope that you’ll still call us when you start building your new project.

Why do we do this?

Because we only understand our business in this way and we want to keep supporting companies and entrepreneurs even in an earlier stage.

Moreover, we’re currently seeing a lot of talent that are leaving their jobs due to the COVID-19 crisis but, at the same time, are thinking about starting a business and we want to be there to help.

We have already launched the first call and you can join filling out this form. It will be open until September 15th 2020. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to send us an email at kfounders@kfund.vc and if you know someone who might be interested in this, please share the link and help us spread the word ;)

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