K Founders invests in Rosita, Tacter and Nuna and launches a new batch only focused on B2B companies

We launched K Founders in early July, an investment program focused on companies less than 6 months old with the purpose of investing up to €100k in the bravest entrepreneurs looking to build the new generation of companies and digital products from the South of Europe. 

We couldn’t be more grateful for such a positive reception. Thank you to the more than 200 teams for having applied to the program and the time that many of them have dedicated to helping us better understand their companies and objectives. 

When we designed K Founders we wanted to invest in founders with a strong conviction in what they do and the experience needed to carry out that vision, people with the mindset to build big companies in markets that are still to be unlocked.

And we’ve been very impressed by the number of second-time founders and people with the experience and the mindset we were looking for. With K Founders we want to keep meeting these ambitious entrepreneurs and work together with them from the very first day.

The first three investments we’ve made are just an example of the kind of company and people that we want to partner with. 

Our first investment was Rosita, a longevity coach that aims to help seniors increase their healthy lifespan and avoid the risk of dependency. We invested in Clara and Juan for the combination of their passion and capacity to really make seniors’ habits change. Clara, as director of the first Longevity School in Europe, had been designing longevity plans for seniors for over the past years. On the other hand, Juan, as founder and CEO of Traity, had the experience of starting a tech company from the US, fundraising from well-known investors and selling software to big corporations. We couldn’t imagine a better team to make this happen. 

Our second investment was Tacter, a personal gaming assistant that helps players improve in their games. We were fascinated with what Marcos and Carlo had achieved with very little resources (150k monthly active users and a proven business model with an app focused on only one game). We had been looking for tech-enabled solutions in the gaming industry for a long time and Tacter was very aligned with the fact that gamers are becoming more and more sophisticated and therefore need tools to achieve it. Moreover, Marcos and Carlos had worked for some portfolio companies before and references were excellent. It was easy to make a decision and it took us less than one week to send them a term sheet. 

The last company to join the K Founders portfolio has been Nuna, a SaaS-enabled marketplace for mental health experts. We believe Nuna can really help people destigmatizing mental support by making it more accessible and involving it as a part of our lifestyle. The operational experience of Vignesh at Google, Uber and Glovo and the product sensitivity of Fredrik gained at Typeform is clearly the perfect combination to tackle this opportunity.

Another thing that we wanted to achieve with K Founders was co-investing with other people that could bring different experience and knowledge. We are very happy to have co-invested with Seedcamp, JME and Next Ventures in Rosita, with SR4F and Lanai in Tacter and with JME again in Nuna.  

We are strongly committed to the idea behind K Founders and that’s why we are launching a new batch that focuses solely on B2B companies. Hopefully, we will end up investing up to €100k in two or three new projects. We want to meet people with the capacity and willingness to develop software-based products that aim to be 10x better than the alternatives in the market and can become defensible in the long term. 

We are very interested in solutions that automate internal processes (e.g. sales and marketing processes), products that let customers offer a better experience (e.g. logistics, content assets), make customers become more efficient (e.g. productivity tools), or products looking to help customers reduce costs, increase revenues or manage potential risks (e.g. cybersecurity). We don’t care about the kind of customer you target, it can be SMBs or big enterprises. Likewise with the industries, as long as the market is big enough to build a €100M-annual-revenue business, we’ll deep dive into the opportunity. 

At K Fund we have experience investing in SaaS B2B companies and we are very lucky to be working with companies like Factorial, Bloobirds, Bdeo, Hubtype or Abacum (among many other SaaS companies of our portfolio). Part of the purpose of K Founders is getting involved in the first hirings, in helping them find the first product-market fit signals and prepare the next round, but particularly in sharing our network with potential customers, partners and investors. 

The second batch is already open and you can join by filling out this form. It will be open until January 21st 2021. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to send us an email at kfounders@kfund.vc and if you know someone who might be interested in this, please share the link and help us spread the word ;)

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