The K Fund team

Our Manifesto

We believe...

That entrepreneurs are the driving force behind change and progress in the world. Those who some call crazy, those who nobody believes, but who create and transform industries and society.

That we must put the Internet and new technologies at the service of people and thus generate value for our economy.

That in Spain we have a lot of talent and therefore a great opportunity if we know how to take advantage of it.

Because we believe...

That the role of Venture Capital is not to finance companies, nor even to know about technology, because technologies change. Our role is to help develop people and business models, to build global, solid and profitable companies. That is why it is a privilege that the best entrepreneurs choose us. That is why we are convinced that we must give before we receive.

That is why we feel so much admiration and gratitude for our investors, the true promoters so that everything can happen. We know that many adventures will go wrong, but many others will go right, that's how venture capital is. That's why we have patience and give time for companies to mature.

That's why we don't like to win by doing things right.

If you are an ambitious entrepreneur who shares our values, we would love to talk to you and explain how we can help increase your company's impact.